Conquering The Fear Of Starting

IMG-20170816-WA0013Author: Millionaire E. Ford

Date Published: First Printing-2010 (Booklet)                                   Second Printing-2016 (Soft cover)

Date Read: August 15, 2017

ISBN: 978-9988-143-039

                                                                             Pages:  223

                                                                             Publisher: Kingston House

                                                                             Reviewed By: Nana Afoa Selorm




Many people are stuck in life because of fear- fear of the unknown, fear of not doing it right, fear of stepping out of their comfort zone, fear of being told no, fear of looking foolish, fear of being known, fear of starting, fear of public opinion, fear of being different, fear of not finishing well, fear of being insignificant, fear of failure, or worse, fear of Monday Morning. These fears are sometimes inevitable but conquerable.

In this blockbuster book, you will learn practical tools that will help you fearlessly and effortlessly talk, chalk and walk your dream as you step out to confront personal life challenges.

You will learn that…

  • When you take risks you put risk at risk!
  • The shortest road to success is failure.
  • Fear can make an ant out of a giant.
  • Ninety-nine percent of success is starting.
  • If you would not complete it, do not start it.
  • Not starting is starting not to start!
  • Fear is conquered by action.
  • Do not just try your best, let your best try you!
  • Fear is a thief.
  • Finishing is the future of starting.

Success is trapped in the dream you are afraid to start!


Need I say much? Never has a book been so easy to read and review. In fact the blurb tells all about the book so I’m just going to delve straight to the chapters and my thoughts on the book.

Generally, the author speaks on fears that hinder a person from starting and how those fears cripple us, not exempting how to overcome those fears. To answer the question you probably have in mind about positive fears which prevent us from getting into messes. The author makes mention of that briefly in his introduction but his dwelling was on negative fears.

The table of contents is not merely made up of just topics in the book but actually brief overviews of the chapter which is plausible. Hence, a reader knows what the chapter is about before he or she even reads it. The book consists of an introduction, nine chapters and an appendix. The introduction gives a general overview of the book and the appendix is a conclusion and a few lessons. The nine chapters include:

  1. Understanding your fears
  2. Why we fear to start
  3. The challenges of starting
  4. A fresh start
  5. Perseverance is an assurance
  6. How to start afresh
  7. Conquering your fears
  8. The power of taking risks
  9. You can finish

I must commend Millionaire for such an explicit and simple way of writing. His book is easy to read and understand as his choices of words are simple and understandable to even the lay man. In fact, this book is for a lazy reader, since he summarizes each chapter of the book in bulleted principles to remember at the end of the chapter. No offense, but lazy readers, this book is made for you!

From the third point of the book which states that “fear can make an ant out of a giant” I think what the author really meant was “fear can make a giant out of an ant” since what fear does is to magnify little things. This and other insignificant errors were made in the book but I think they could be attributed to printing. As I stated, they are very insignificant, probably unnoticeable. Good job Millionaire E. Ford.


Fear should not be a hindrance to our goals. The only thing that could be hindering that big breakthrough is our fear. If we allow our fears, they’ll trample all over us and we will always find ourselves at the bottom.


I highly recommend this book to all those who have a hurdle of fear they badly to need to jump. But most importantly, the up and coming youth need to grasp it. This might be the book that will dare you to make that big business resolution!


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