Major Reasons Why Singles Don’t Marry


Author: Solomon Nii Addo

Date Published: 2017

Date Read: August 13, 2017

ISBN: 978-9988-1-9812-1


Publisher: Prayer Factory

Reviewed By: Nana Afoa Selorm



About the Book

It began when I was seeking the face of God for my life partner. I was amazed at what He revealed to me. Growing up, I thought marriage was something you figure out  with your mind and use analytical means to settle with with someone . The God factor was not considered at all. This myopic ideology caused me over five years of wasted relationships.  The ordeal ended when i finally surrendered to God for His complete plan for my entire life. Marriage is too precious to toy with.

Not every love leads to marriage. Discover more as you read on. This book, “MAJOR REASONS WHY SINGLES DON’T  MARRY”, is a prophetic journey into knowing how to  completely surrender your status, ego, qualification and wealth for God’s ultimate plan and purpose for your relationship or marriage. God wants you to marry and enjoy it to the fullest. Your life is predestined. Everything about your life must be discovered in God. God created you and He has the blue print of your life. It pays to seek Him for what He has created you for. May you never go ahead of God and think you are in the will of God!


The author, Solomon Nii Addo is a well-educated anointed and prolific Ghanaian writer. His in-depth knowledge about life and relationship is portrayed in his book. The use of scriptures to back each idea he puts out reflects how much he is anchored to God. His use of words and grammar should also be commended.

A feature I want to commend the author on is how he introduced the foundation of the book in the introduction and first chapter before delving into the theme of the book which is exactly as it is titled- MAJOR REASONS WHY SINGLES DON’T  MARRY. However, it would have been more explicitly explained, where only bible verses references were stated, if the author had expatiated them with more details.

The book outlines the typical modern society where marriage from God’s point of view is regarded by very few people, as well as the perception that each relationship based on love must definitely lead to marriage. Not exempting, sexual promiscuity is not considered as not being single. The author contradicts this by explaining that marriage is a major proof of love and that having sex with multiple partners does not make one single, though he or she may not be in any kind of relationship.

The book is made up of an introduction and two major chapters:

Introduction summarizes what love and its basis is, relating it to relationships, especially marriage. It also talks about other reasons why “others are married while others remain methuselahs in school of single-hood” four major ones that would be highlighted in chapter two.

Chapter One explains who a single is, what marriage is, with four reasons why marriage is the determiner of who a single is.

Chapter Two details four major reasons why singles don’t marry which include

  • The Error of Serendipity- Lack of Divine Direction.
  • The Error of Sexual Immorality- Strange Appetite for Immorality.
  • The Error of Repeated Hindrances- Lack of Favor
  • The Error of Wrong Timing- Lack of Divine Sensitivity

A conclusion would have crowned the book perfectly, as an introduction ushered the whole topic.


After reading the book, I could conclude that sexual immorality is the most important major reason why singles don’t marry based on how much the author dwelt on it. I must say that since the author wrote, mostly based on his experience, he displayed in-depth knowledge on the topic chosen.


If you need an insight into marriage, I would recommend this book. It is directed to all singles that have plans of getting married, hence suitable for the youth in today’s society.




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